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Ahoy Treasure Hunters

We are happy to announce our 1st ever

York County Holiday Treasure Hunt



Congratulations to Heather & Jeremy Reinhardt from Mt.

 Wolf who found the treasure chest at Rocky Ridge Park.


I'm in a place of outdoor fun,
A lot of trees and a little sun.

When you get there park your car,
Then take a walk, it's not too far.

You'll hear a buzz but not from bees,
Just keep going and a "BEE" you'll see.

Feeling "Lucky" take a rest,
Very near you'll find the chest.

It's not up high or underground,
But in a stump it can be found.

A treasure hunt is it not?
The legend says X MARKS THE SPOT !!!

The riddle explained.

It was at a public park with a lot of woods.

It was about a 7 minute walk back the trail with the white rectangles that begins near the parking area.

There are high voltage power lines that run through the park and you can hear them buzzing.

The "Lucky" and "Bee" clues are referring to the "LUCKY LUCY BEE" memorial bench.

It was hidden in a nearby stump.

There were two wooden X's that marked the spot.

Due to the recent snowfall, the new date will be Saturday December 26th, 2020.

This is meant to be a fun family event. Hopefully giving people some happy memories (to end a not so great year). 

It is not meant to be a serious competition so please respect others while playing. 


We have hidden a treasure chest somewhere in York County.

On Saturday December 26, at noon** we will release a clue on this page and on our Facebook page, leading to the    location of the hidden treasure.

There will be a phone number and secret code inside.

The finder must then call the number and provide us with the code and the exact location where they found it.

Once verified that this is the correct information, we will make arrangements with the finder to collect their $250 prize.

If the treasure is not found on Saturday, an additional clue will be revealed on Sunday Dec. 20th at noon** and everyday after until the treasure is found.

What you WANT to know:

--  There is no admission required to access the location of the treasure.
--  It is hidden in a place that has public access.
--  It is NOT hidden on private residential property. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER ANY PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY.
--  It is not buried underground, but may be under something lightweight that is easily moveable for most people.
--  You may have to reach up to retrieve the treasure chest.
--  You will NOT need a shovel.
--  It is not hidden underwater.

What you NEED to know. OFFICIAL RULES

--  No purchase necessary.
--  ** The clue will be posted here and on our Facebook page between noon and 12:10 pm on Saturday, December 26th, 2020.
--  The first person to be verified with the correct information and present to us, IN PERSON, the treasure chest and all the original contents within it, will then receive the $250 prize.
--  The winner will be announced here and on our Facebook page as soon as possible after verification of the winner to notify other Players the game is over.
--  Players under 16 should be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
--  Mitzel's Stump Grinding is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that could occur during this event.
--  Mitzel's Stump Grinding is not responsible for any expenses players may incur to participate in this event (for example - gas costs).
--  If it appears there is a tie and 2 or more players find the treasure at the same time, it is up to the sole discretion of Mitzel's Stump Grinding to determine how the winner will be chosen.
--  In case of inclement weather, the treasure hunt may be postponed.
--  Mitzel's Stump Grinding reserves the right to change these rules at any time.